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Fenestra is made of Ancient English Oak and includes a English Oak plinth.  

220cm Tall,  36cm wide 

Fenestra Contemporary Wooden Statue, by Martin Pigg the Successful practitioner in Wood says: inspired by the washed up shells I find on my beach walks in my home county of Norfolk. Shaped by the North Sea, these natural forms take on a whole new level of fragility and beauty.

Fenestra is made from the timber of a wind blown Ancient English Oak tree.
In 2015 storm Desmond struck Norfolk and toppled a beautiful ancient Oak tree in Harford Park in Norfolk. I personally dismantled and removed the tree from the park.
The tree had been hollowed out by a decay fungus called Fistulina hepaticacauses. Fistulina causes brown rot in oak, giving the timber a rich colour known as brown oak. working in the Arboricultural industry for twenty three years, I have only come across brown oak a handfull of times.

Artist Comment

For a long time I didn't dare carve the wood because of it's rarity. In 2023 I plucked up the courage and started carving and completed Fenestra using this beautiful ancient timber.
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